My 5 Favorite Rides at Universal Studios Florida

Hey riders!

As you already know I have a pass to Universal Studios Florida.That being said, I have a few rides that I love to experience during the few hours I’m there during the week. Now, I really do love almost ALL the rides at the park, but there are some that just keep me coming back for more. For this post I decided I would share a few of my ultimate favorite attractions and why I like them so much. So get ready, put your hands up, and be mindful of the lap bar because here we go!

(P.S: These aren’t ranked in any particular order. Seriously don’t make me rank them, I literally can’t.)

E.T. 2.jpg


1. E.T. Adventure

The E.T. Adventure is one of the original rides to ever be featured at Universal Studios. It’s an indoor dark attraction that puts you, the rider behind the handlebars of a bike carrying E.T. himself on a mission to save his home, the Green Planet. This ride is such a treasure. In the ride you can experience the thrills of racing through the forest, the ultimate awe of flying through the sky, and the beauty of his rescued planet. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but for a ride that is as old as the park (mind you, it certainly squeaks and creaks like one,) it’s a real staple in the theme park.

mummy 2.jpg


2.  Revenge of the Mummy

Now, this is a fun ride. Taking you behind the scenes of the thrilling film “The Mummy”, this ride takes place in a museum that is hosting the set for the movie. Legend has it that the set is cursed, but the director and others around assure you that it’s fine, even though set members keep disappearing. This roller coaster ride is like nothing I have ever experienced. The ride itself takes sharp twists and turns through Egyptian tombs while Imhotep persistently tries to steal your souls for eternity. The best part of this coaster is the launch that begins the coaster portion of the ride. After flailing around you get an awesome (and may I say very warm) surprise. I love how smooth the coaster is and how out of control it gets while remaining involved in the story line. No wonder The Mummy has received so many awards. It’s fantastic!



3. The Simpsons

Ok, I know what you’re going to say..really? WHY?! Well, let me explain. The Simpsons Ride is a motion simulator ride (surprise, surprise, Universal made ANOTHER simulator ride,) that brings you along with the Simpsons family as they involuntarily (thanks to Homer) get on a ride at Krusty Land run by serial killer Sideshow Bob. What comes next can hardly be explained in a few sentences. This ride is in your face fun, if you can handle the motion sensitivity. This is one ride that I will only ride once in a while because I get so nauseous throughout it. But the jokes are funny, and the subtle ones are hilarious. This is one ride that kids and adults with both enjoy.



4 . T2-3D: The Terminator

Oh this ride gets me every time! Acting as both a ride and a show, this attraction has it all. I love how Cyberdyne Systems looks so real when you walk in, and how funny your host for the presentation is. The gunshots sound real and the acting (although far away from your immediate view) of the main characters is quite entertaining. My ultimate favorite part is the finale (which I won’t give away,) and how intense the 3D is. I get motion sick on most 3D simulator rides, but not on this one. I think if you like action and a good (well, not that good) show, you will love it just as much as I do!

gringots finally.jpg



5. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringots

Man WHAT A RIDE! Now JK Roweling has done it again with another fantastic Harry Potter attraction. This ride has both thrills and chills as riders make their way through the 9 mile down journey to the vaults of the Gringots Bank. Lots of surprises await riders in this attraction, so don’t blink, because you may just miss one! The initial drop at the very beginning of the ride is what sets the tone for this awesome adventure. Make sure you hold on tight, as the ride moves in all directions. I love the drop and the launch at the end, helping the ride to be in the coaster category. Now that I think about it, the ride itself reminds me of The Mummy, with less intensity and more innovation. Take it from me, if you like Harry Potter and want a more coaster-like experience rather than it’s counterpart “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” you will love this.

Although these rides are different, they are all really close to my heart. I would love to know what your favorite rides at Universal Studios Florida are! I can’t wait to share more of my favorite rides from various parks with you. Until next time!

See Ya Real Soon,


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