5 Occupations ALL Broke Girls Consider in College.

Let’s face it. During college I was one broke girl. Raman noodles were my entrees and I could make a mean $5 Walmart spaghetti concoction serving four people. Working part time at Bath & Body Works and having to balance my life and classes left me low on gas and low on fun money. This was the inspiration for my latest post.

Come on girls, I know you can relate to me. We’ve all considered different types of hobbies or occupations to get more money during school, no matter how strange or “socially, degrading.” I’ve decided to compile a list of things we’ve told our best friends we were doing or should do in order to get some cash for the happy hour fund.


1. Starting an Etsy Shop.


But then realizing you can’t craft to save your life.giphy2


2. Starting a cupcake business, and selling it at the farmers market.giphy3

Only to realize the only thing you can bake from scratch is boxed cake, and that doesn’t even count.


Plus, getting up on Saturday at 8 in the morning is way too much for you. 



3. Become one of those promo girls who hands out shots at a bar.


But then you remember that you don’t like to work out, or talk to people, or stay up late, or be social.



4. Become a Stripper (Oh yes you have thought about it.)


And again realizing that you hate being out late and you honestly dance like a deranged chicken.



5. Being a babysitter.


Yet, your paternal instincts have not kicked in yet.



Um, I think I’ll stick to financial aid and drink boxed wine with my TV dinner, thank you very much.


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