To Bag or Not to Bag?- Travel Like a Themie


*Be prepared for a long read…but totally worth it, I think. Enjoy!*

Hey friends! I am so excited that Fall is coming! I can’t wait for the leaves to change colors and the cold weather to come in…..wait a second…I live in Florida…

OKAY OKAY so I’m excited for the rain to stop pouring every single stinking day. But with less rain comes more theme park trips! I have decided to answer the age old question: Should I bring a bag to the parks? What kind of bag should I bring? Can I take snacks? Should I pack an umbrella? Is a bag nessesary? Will I need a locker?

So more than one question is asked about bag related travel when it comes to theme parks. Luck for you (I hope) I have experienced many different types of situations where a bag is needed and not needed, and have created a “To Bag” and “Not to Bag” list for you, so hopefully this will help you out. They will be listed by situation and when you should bring a bag or not bring a bag…and of course, my reasoning and a nice example of the kind of bag to bring.


Disclaimer: This is solely based on my experience and can be interpreted any way that you like. So please just do what you want with this, and let me pretend to know about stuff.


So without further ado, I give you:

To Bag or Not to Bag! The not so expert opinions of bag wear of yours truly.


Situation: You have a large family/group and are spending from morning to night at ANY theme park.


To Bag: I would recommend brining a bag if you are the responsible one in the group. Whether you’re Mom, the Youth Group Leader or the one who always has band-aids and hand sanitizer in their purse, you’re probably going to want to carry all the essentials in your bag. Remember that you’re going to be spending an awful lot of time in the parks, so you’ll want to be prepared for anything, like you always are…of course.



What Kind of Bag:
You’ll want to keep in mind what kind of bag you want to take for this long day at a super fun park of rides and things to do. When you pick your bag, make sure you think of COD (not call of duty) Comfort, Organization, and Durability. I recommend a backpack with a trusted brand name, lots of pockets, and most importantly, back support. If you’re going to lug this big ole’ thing around with you, you might as well make sure it doesn’t ruin your back in the first place. Check out this SOCKO Rucksack Purple Durability Travel Pack and you’ll be just fine.

NOT To Bag: 

Please don’t bring a bag if you don’t have anything to bring and someone else is bringing a big bag. You’ll have to lug it around, and you’ll hate yourself for it. Please, do yourself a favor and just don’t bring it. Stuff your wallet in the “mom of the group”‘s bag, and enjoy your newly found freedom.



Situation: You’re staying at a park’s on-site hotel and are going to that specific park for the day.

To Bag: 

I would recommend taking a small bag if you have more things than your hand and pockets will carry. Sure your phone can fit in your pocket, but what about your camera, wallet, feminine products, extra makeup, sunscreen and sunglasses go? Yup, you may need a bag if you related to that situation. However you should have no fear, because your hotel is only a 5 minute walk, boat or monorail ride away from where you’re playing for the day.

fanny pack

What Kind of Bag:
I would say the best kind of bag would be a fanny pack. Yup you read correctly, a fanny pack. These things are so comfortable,  useful, and believe it or not, trending right now. They also keep your hands free, and most rides that require you to get a locker may accept them. My best recommendation is to look at online shops like Etsy to find your perfect pack. I promise no one will laugh at you ( at least not because of the fanny pack.)


Situation: You have an annual pass and/or are spending the afternoon at a park.

To Bag: I really don’t like to recommend bringing a bag when you’re only spending a few hours at a park, but if you must bring a bag, I would recommend a light cross body. But keep in mind, at parks such as Universal Studios and Busch Gardens, you’ll have to put your items in a locker, and that can be a waste of time.


NOT to Bag: Unless you absolutely feel the need to bring one, I would really suggest you don’t bring one. It’s easier to get through security, helps you avoid having to get a locker at most rides (except Universal, which has most rides on lock-down. Just make sure before you leave that your pants have pockets for your phone, keys and wallet, and you should be fine!


Best of luck on your park adventures!

Stay Curious,


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