Terminator 2 -3D to be Terminated from Universal Orlando Resort

It’s no surprise that attractions at theme parks come and go. With Universal Orlando Resorts ever expanding  market, the theme park tycoons have to constantly update their content. With many themies having to say goodbye to attractions such as Jaws and Dueling Dragons, it’s fairly predictable that it was just a matter of time for Terminator 2- 3-D: Battle Across Time. Unfortunately for Arnold, this attraction will NOT “Be Back.” The theme park is expected to close Cyberdyne System’s doors come October 8, 2017.


The 3-D attraction that first opened in April 1996, takes guests into the heart of Cyberdine Systems, where a over enthusiastic yet “can’t put my finger on whats wrong with her” guide takes you to a preview of Cyberdyne’s newest product, their combat soldiers. But Sara and John have a different plan, and they’re going to make sure that the rest of the world steers clear of Cyberdyne and Skynet, even if it ends with blood. This high action packed adventure has many twists and turns, with unsuspecting surprises around every corner (can you tell I like this one?)


Like many Universal attractions, this ride features 3D motion simulation, yet stands out with live actors and animatronics. I can say from first hand experience that if you’re not one for being tossed around and are prone to motion sickness that you steer clear of this ride at the park (at least for a month or so.)

All in all 21 years is a good run, and my hat goes off to Universal for trying to keep things fresh. I’m sad to see it go, but praise the theme park lords they’re not taking ET Adventure just yet. I dare them, just try. See what happens.





We say adieu to you T2!

Stay curious,


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